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JS Validation - v2.3

This script has been updated and renamed to Really Simple Validation. Click here for the RSV documentation, demo forms and download.


This script lets you add javascript validation to your forms quickly and with very little effort. The script checks the values that a user has entered into your webform, and if it doesn't meet the criteria specified (e.g. they failed to enter a value, or they entered a fake email address), a popup window appears with a custom message, the focus is placed on the offending field and the field is highlighted to indicate what field needs to be fixed.

To see a demonstration of all the different validation options, click here. This demo form contains all the validation options currently offered by the script. Version 2.2 (May 2007) includes some more advanced options such as regular expression and custom function support. Version 2.3 was just for a minor bug fix regarding the new function option.

Note: this script was designed to be identical to the PHP Validation code; both employ exactly the same logic, so you can simply copy and paste the validation rules from one to the other, providing both client- and server-side validation with very little work!

How to add validation to your form >>