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/* Old release history */

04-07-2011: Version 2.11:

07-06-2011: Version 2.1:

Add a theme system (demo). Note that this is not backwards-compatible—you'll have to update your styles and modes!

07-06-2011: Version 2.02:

26-05-2011: Version 2.01:

28-03-2011: Version 2.0:

CodeMirror 2 is a complete rewrite that's faster, smaller, simpler to use, and less dependent on browser quirks. See this and this for more information.

28-03-2011: Version 1.0:

22-02-2011: Version 2.0 beta 2:

Somewhat more mature API, lots of bugs shaken out.

17-02-2011: Version 0.94:

08-02-2011: Version 2.0 beta 1:

CodeMirror 2 is a complete rewrite of CodeMirror, no longer depending on an editable frame.

19-01-2011: Version 0.93:

17-12-2010: Version 0.92:

11-11-2010: Version 0.91:

02-10-2010: Version 0.9:

22-07-2010: Version 0.8:

27-04-2010: Version 0.67:

More consistent page-up/page-down behaviour across browsers. Fix some issues with hidden editors looping forever when line-numbers were enabled. Make PHP parser parse "\\" correctly. Have jumpToLine work on line handles, and add cursorLine function to fetch the line handle where the cursor currently is. Add new setStylesheet function to switch style-sheets in a running editor.

01-03-2010: Version 0.66:

Adds removeLine method to API. Introduces the PLSQL parser. Marks XML errors by adding (rather than replacing) a CSS class, so that they can be disabled by modifying their style. Fixes several selection bugs, and a number of small glitches.

12-11-2009: Version 0.65:

Add support for having both line-wrapping and line-numbers turned on, make paren-highlighting style customisable (markParen and unmarkParen config options), work around a selection bug that Opera reintroduced in version 10.

23-10-2009: Version 0.64:

Solves some issues introduced by the paste-handling changes from the previous release. Adds setSpellcheck, setTextWrapping, setIndentUnit, setUndoDepth, setTabMode, and setLineNumbers to customise a running editor. Introduces an SQL parser. Fixes a few small problems in the Python parser. And, as usual, add workarounds for various newly discovered browser incompatibilities.

31-08-2009: Version 0.63:

Overhaul of paste-handling (less fragile), fixes for several serious IE8 issues (cursor jumping, end-of-document bugs) and a number of small problems.

30-05-2009: Version 0.62:

Introduces Python and Lua parsers. Add setParser (on-the-fly mode changing) and clearHistory methods. Make parsing passes time-based instead of lines-based (see the passTime option).