Here are a few pieces of software I've written - all free for download or use. Just click on the "View Script" button for more information. This page uses the Smart Lists script for providing the JS UI.


Black Sheep Invoices Tags: Other
This is a GNU-license (free!) script released through my company, Black Sheep Web Software. It's an invoice generation script, providing you with a simple and clear UI for managing and generating PDF invoices.

Bookmarklet Generator Tags: JavaScript Bookmarklets Forms
This script builds bookmarklets to let you re-populate any form. You just fill in the form, click the bookmark name and a window will pop open with the bookmarklet(s) for that page. If your form contains multiple forms and each form contains values in at least one field, a bookmarklet will be generated to repopulate it with exactly the same contents. Firefox only.

Data Generator Tags: PHP MySQL JavaScript Emails Development Tools
Written for QA specialists or developers who needs large chunks of custom-built data for use in their applications. This program lets you rapidly build test data including names, phone numbers, email addresses, US states, Canadian provinces, UK counties, lorem ipsum text, postal and zip codes, countries and lots more. Plus you get your choice of data formats: HTML, XML, Excel or SQL.

Flash Image Scroller Tags: Flash JavaScript Images
A flash script which embeds a scrollable region in your page for displaying thumbnail content. Fully modifiable in terms of colours, thumbnail sizes, caption size and colour, plus additional options such as randomization and thumbnail padding. Accepts information through XML or query-string feeds.

Flash Text Replacer Tags: Flash JavaScript Images
A generic Flash template based on Shaun Inman's code which converts regular HTML text into anti-aliased, image-like Flash text for beautifying your webpages. Great for headings!

Form Emailer Tags: PHP Emails Forms
This simple PHP script was designed to work with any web form, to email its contents to a person or persons. All you need to do is upload the script to your website, make a few tweaks to your webform and the script and you're all set. The latest version allows you to define your own email templates to precisely determine the content of the emails sent.

Form Tools Tags: PHP MySQL JavaScript Forms Emails
Form Tools is a storage and data access script written in PHP and MySQL designed to process any existing web form. It provides a simple, powerful UI, providing you and your clients with options such as mass data export via excel, printer-friendly pages, data sorting, form submission editing and optional email of form submissions. Available for free under the GNU open source license.

JS Post-its Tags: JavaScript
This script allows you to add inline, clickable comments to your webpages without taking up any valuable space. The visitor can just click on a hyperlink, and view any sidenotes you wished to make - much like a footnote. You can have as many post-its as you want on your page, and have full control over how each of them look.

Miscellaneous Scripts Tags: Other JavaScript
A collection of assorted, oddball scripts I've written in the past. A number of these scripts are still perfectly useable, but I've archived them here because they're simply outdated: other scripts have been written that do the jobs better.

PHP Validation Tags: PHP Forms Emails Validation
And here's the server-side counterpart to the Really Simple Validation (RSV) javascript program listed below. I mocked the entire functionality of the javascript function in PHP, so to add the PHP validation rules, you can just copy the javascript rules, tweak them for PHP's slightly different syntax rules and hey presto! You have server-side validation.

Really Simple Validation Tags: JavaScript Forms Validation
Here's a program which has proved so unbelievable useful for my own work, I thought it'd just be plain selfish not to share. It allows you to (very) quickly add javascript validation to any webform. It comes with a wide variety of options including email & date validation, verifying a field has been filled in, and more.

Smart Lists Tags: JavaScript
Smart Lists is a light-weight Prototype-Scriptaculous and jQuery extension that lets you convert 'flat' HTML lists of information into categorized, paginated lists. In essence, it's a presentation layer for improving the readability of related information, without need of a database or server-side script.

Table Indexer Tags: JavaScript
This Prototype extension was written for usability. Sometimes, when editing tabulated data, it makes sense for the tab index to go horizontally (the default browser behaviour), so you can edit each field in a row, row by row. Other times, it's more intuitive to edit the data vertically - updating the values in a table, column by column. This module was written to do exactly that: it lets the user toggle between horizontal and vertical tab indexing.

ThumbPrint Tags: Windows Images
ThumbPrint is a free thumbnail generator application for Windows XP. Originally I wrote it to automate the process of creating thumbnails for one of my own projects (my space picture database) but then realized that with a few minor changes I could provide more general functionality which may prove useful to other people.

Total Recall Tags: Google Chrome Forms
Never re-enter a form again. This Google Chrome extension does exactly the same thing as the Bookmarklet Generator, only spruced up for the new decade and for a new browser. It provides a very simple user interface to manage your saved forms and identify which page form you're interested in saving. There are no limit to the size of the form, number of fields, or number of forms.