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Really Simple Validation (RSV): Prototype Extension


RSV comes with a number of validation rules for the more common tasks, including:

  • Checking required fields
  • Email validation
  • Checking input field lengths: exact minimum or maximum lengths
  • Date validation
  • Integers: checking ranges, in between, greater than, less than
  • Regular Expressions or "custom alpha" (layman's regexps)
  • Alphanumeric or letters only
  • Nested conditional testing (if field A == something, then validate field B)

But also, the script is fully extensible to allow you to write your own custom validation routines to be integrated with the script.

The configuration options include:

  • The choice of displaying the errors to the user sequentially (a single alert box showing the first error, which re-appears whenever the user resubmits the form), all at once (an single alert box containing all errors) or by displaying the errors as HTML in the page, via DHTML.
  • An option to highlight (via a custom CSS class) all offending fields and auto-focus on the first field for ease of use.
  • For advanced users, there is the option of passing all error information to a custom function to manage the errors as you see fit.
  • Also for advanced users is the option to define a custom onComplete function which gets called when the form validation is successful.

To see a demonstration of various configuration patterns, take a look at the demo pages.

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