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I’ve just updated the website to run the latest code. This new version made some pretty substantial changes behind the scenes, including mysqli for database connectivity and proper resource bundling and minification for CSS, JS and the requireJS modules. The resource bundling is a very nice addition: it’ll help speed up page loads (over 200KB less to download, and half the resources!) and it also includes cache-busting md5 filenames to help eliminate problems caused by old files being cached by the browser.

If anyone encounters any problems with the site, please email me at [email protected] and I’ll look into it. Thanks!

- Ben

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I’ll be updating the website soon with this upgrade. Here’s the changelog for 3.0.7.

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It took a little longer than expected, but I just released v3.0.6, which includes some contributed code by Andre Fortin (thanks, Andre!) for a new Costa Rica Country plugin and a new Phone-Regional Data Type that generates a phone number in an appropriate format for the row. Very nice additions, both of them.

I also ended up re-designing the Country plugin classes a bit to make them more future-extensible. Now, rather than loading up the class with new member vars every time a new country-region-specific data item gets added, it’s stored in a generic $extendedData private member var. Should keep things lean and mean, going forward.

Visit the website.

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This weekend, assuming all goes well I’ll be rolling out the new And about time! I’d originally expected to get the script re-written by January, but found myself spending inordinate amounts of time birding and doing other non-programming related activities. Oops.

The new website is a private fork of the free, downloadable version I’ve been re-writing this last year, which includes a few additional features: a donation section and some extra blurb for people to learn more about the script.

I’ve enjoyed the re-write tremendously, but very happy to see it finally get out there. I’ll make another post when it’s been released.

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