Geospatial indexing

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Generally I’m not much given to posting day-job-related work here on my personal site, but this was such a fun project I thought I’d draw a little attention to it.

My portion of the project was to add geospatial index support to the IBM Cloudant dashboard where people can query and view geojson data visually via a map (courtesy of Mapbox). It’s a very cool feature. Slogging away trying to interpret raw lat/lngs is a bit of a fool’s errand: but stick it on a map and the data comes instantly to life. A large portion of my time was spent updating the underlying Apache Fauxton code for a consistent handling of index types (search indexes, views, geospatial indexes). Well worth it from a UX point of view.

Blog post here:

Went live today.

I’m going to be heading out to North Carolina in 3 weeks to stand in a booth at the FOSS4G conference. Should give me a change to show off some of this. :)

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I’ve been in Florida the last few days attending JSConf. It was just superb. I now have a long list of technologies and tools I need to investigate… *sigh*, never enough time.

But before I get to all that, I’ll be working on the following:
- setting up PHPUnit and Travis CI for
- working on a new Smarty/HTML/CSS/JS mode for CodeMirror
- relaxing and bird watching in Florida.

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New job: CBC Music!

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I’m extremely excited to say I’ll be starting a new position at CBC Music, here in Vancouver in mid-June. I’ll be in a similar role as web developer, doing what I can do to help out with – mobile, desktop – as well as hanging out with the celebs, naturally.

I’ve been at Central1 Credit Union for a total of 3 years now (with a year break in the middle) and as much as I’ve enjoyed it, it’s definitely time for a change. This last year I’ve worked almost entirely on helping design and develop a large-scale JS framework built on requireJS. I learned a fair amount but it’s time for some new challenges.

So, in a little over a week I’ll be saying goodbye to my co-workers, then flying off to Florida for a couple of weeks to go to JSConf (a javascript conference) and for my honeymoon (did I mention I got married?) then back to Vancouver to start the new position.

Can’t sodding wait. CBC!

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JSConf 2013

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Nice! I secured a very-late ticket for this year’s JSConf. This’ll be the first time I’ve attended this conference – always meant to, but somehow it never happened.

Plus it’s being held in Florida, the land of great birds… this by no means influenced my decision to go. Not one bit.

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Functional Programming Principles in Scala

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Last month a group of developers in my company (mostly Java devs) and myself enrolled in an online Scala class, taught through

I had no particular practical interest in the language itself, but so far its certainly been an eye-opener in terms of understanding the ins and outs of functional programming. Ah, recursion.

Well worth checking out. And free!

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Google I/O!

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At Google I/O this week. This is the third year running I’ve attended Google’s big developer conference. Fun as hell, as always. Yesterday’s keynote was … unexpected, what with Sergey Brin’s absurdly over-the-top intro to Project Glass.

Keynote #2 about to start.

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