And here’s some work I’ve done on other open source projects / misc free contributions.

  • Spinners – a Canvas-based “spinner” loading image script written by Nick Stakenburg. I added a few settings (fadeOutSpeed, pauseColor and pauseOpacity) so I could use it in my script.
  • WordPress plugin: Github Latest Commits
    This is a WordPress plugin written by Niklas Bivald which I originally forked, but am now a contributor to the main trunk. I updated it in early June 2012 to use on my new site, but since then Github has dropped support for version 2 of their API. Once this website is stable, I’ll be returning to this project so I can add it to my site.
  • CodeMirror
    I provided the Smarty mode for Marijn Haverbeke’s excellent in-browser JS syntax highlighter.
  • Geshi
    A long time back (2005?) I contributed Javascript and Perl syntax highlighters to this other syntax highlighter script.
  • Geshi plugin for Smarty
    Allows you to embed Geshi syntax-highlighted content within your Smarty pages.
  • Google Maps Coloured Markers
    Google provides some default reddish icons for their Google Maps app, but no other colours besides those. This is a set of 10 different coloured icons, plus the PSDs, should you need to edit them any further.