d3pie 0.1.3 released

Posted on Jul 2, 2014 in d3pie, Open Source Projects | 0 comments

This should have been done a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve very busy, got sick, and then had to go on a business trip. But better late than never!

The highlights of 0.1.3 are that the jQuery dependency has been dropped (yay) and a new small segment grouping option has been added. You can find the script online at d3pie.org and the code on github. Enjoy!

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nginx and d3pie

Posted on Jun 22, 2014 in d3pie, Form Tools, Open Source Projects | 0 comments

In anticipation of moving formtools.org over to a new host, I’m trying out Digital Ocean with one of my smaller scripts: d3pie.org.

This morning I set up a “droplet” (virtual server) and configured it with node and nginx. In theory, it should run a lot faster for d3pie.org, which is completely client-side and can thus benefit from nginx more than Apache. I *am* running it on a VS with very low memory (512MB) so I guess we’ll see how it goes. This is very much an experiment.

I’ve just updated the DNS so now we play the waiting game. What could go wrong, right?

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d3pie.org released!

Posted on Apr 23, 2014 in d3pie, Open Source Projects | 4 comments

d3pieFinnaallllly – a good two months later than expected – I just released the first draft of d3pie. It’s a pie chart library and generator script, built on d3.js and jQuery, and found at d3pie.org. Have fun! It was actually a super fun project to work on, but it’s very much a first draft. There’s oodles of features and improvements I hope to make. Please log all bugs and feature suggestions on github. :)

Many more updates to come…

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Posted on Mar 5, 2014 in Blog, d3pie, Open Source Projects | 0 comments

d3pie So I’ve been working on a new open source project recently: a pie chart script and generator called d3pie. It’s coming along pretty well, but taking waaaay longer than anticipated. So I figured a screenshot might be in order.

It’s pretty wicked. It has a ton of controls for customizing the pie exactly as you’d like, from spacing to fonts, colors, sort order, load effects, mouseover effects, tooltips, label positioning, footer text, and more.

Script coming soon… I’ll post again when it’s available.

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Posted on Jan 14, 2014 in d3pie, Open Source Projects | 0 comments

Just a quick update. For the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been immersed into a new open source project. I’m calling it d3pie. It’s a pie chart generator and jQuery plugin built on the awesome d3 JS lib. I’m trying to cram in as much functionality as I can for the first release, so it probably won’t be out the door until late February at the earliest. It’s already lookin’ pretty sweet. Really looking forward to releasing this one.

I’ll post more about it when it’s closer to being released.

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