• Flash Image Scroller
    This is a surprisingly popular Flash script (AS2) I wrote several years back, but no longer support. It’s highly configurable and can add a pretty great effect to your site. But honestly, these days I’d strongly suggest looking an HTML5/JS/CSS solution instead. For something like this, Flash is overkill.
  • Form Emailer
    A simple but versatile form email script, written to work with any web form and allow for complete
    customization over the email content.
  • Total Recall – Chrome extension
    Never re-enter a form again. This Chrome extension does the same thing as the Form Filler Bookmarklet Generator, only spruced up for the new decade and for a new browser. It provides a very simple user interface to manage your saved forms and identify which page form you’re interested in saving. There are no limit to the size of the form, number of fields, or number of forms.