Ever had to fill in a form again and again and again…? Well, you’re not alone! A few years back I decided I couldn’t take it any more, so I broke down and wrote a script for Firefox to solve this very problem. Any time I entered a form that I thought I may need to re-enter at a later date, I could save whatever I entered. Nice!

This Google Chrome extension does exactly the same thing, only spruced up for the new decade and for a new browser. It provides a very simple user interface to manage your saved forms and identify which page form you’re interested in saving. There are no limit to the size of the form, number of fields, or number of forms.

Ultimately I picture it being most useful for QA specialists or test teams, but it’ll be handy for any web developer, or any end user who find themselves needing to save their forms.

A few notes

  • This extension will only work in tabs created after installation. This appears to be an oddity with Google Chrome. The extension uses a “content script” running in the context of each webpage. For existing tabs, the content script doesn’t appear to run.
  • The extension stores each form based on the current URL. So if the URL changes, even slightly between pages, the saved forms won’t show up. http://www.yoursite.com is not the same as http://www.yoursite.com/index.php. Depending on the feedback I get, I may try to remedy this…
  • To make it as clear as possible which form you’re saving, the script highlights the selected form in the page with a big green border and background. The only problem is when the form is hidden behind the popup. So if you don’t see it: that’s probably where it is!

Technical Stuff

This extension uses jQuery, jQuery Color Animations and jquery-json. Thanks to those developers!

Questions? Feature Suggestions? Bugs?

I ALWAYS like to hear questions, feature suggestions – and even bugs! So feel free to post them here.


You can install it from Google’s site, here.