Happy New Year! To start the new year off right, I’ve just released the first alpha of generatadata.com 3. It’s early days yet – lots of bugs to resolve, lots more hair to pull out, lots more yelling at the cat to stop scratching at the door because I’m working, damnit. But it’s coming together well and it’s time to “get it out there”.

I pared back a few items on the feature list so I could get it released and start getting some feedback. The following features didn’t make the initial cut, but will be appearing in later versions:
- Excel export type
- “Tree” data type
- Accounts. Right now everyone shares a single anonymous admin account.
- Translations (right now, English only).
- Developer Documentation
- IE support! Right now the script only supports Chrome + FF.

You can find the online demo here:

The entire codebase is on github. You can download the alpha1 tag here:

Bug reports would be most appreciated – and of course, feel free to fork the project and fix them too. ;)

Enjoy! :)