From the toilets of the convention center. Nerds!

There is *MONEY* here. I picked up my welcome package (includes a new nerd mug!). I’ve never seen such a level of sponsorship and advertising. It’s nuts! This conference is clearly representing the right-wing side of open source of which I’m not yet familiar. I’m more of the ilk of the poor, the downtrodded, the huddled masses – programmers doing everything for free and being spat in the face for it. My impression so far is that this is more like Fuck-The-Hippies Open Source In-Your-Face FUCK YEAH! perspective. Should be interesting.

More observations on Portland
– It’s really, really green. I think it’s the greenest town I’ve ever seen. There’s plants EVERYWHERE. Seriously.
– It kind of reminds me of the portrayal of Cleveland in 30 Rock. Nice people, very up-beat, with a kind of a prevailing atmosphere as though the town is under-appreciated.

More observations on my hotel
– Remember the scene in Barton Fink where the camera pans down the steaming-hot hotel hallway, showing the wallpaper peeling off the walls while John Goodman is going insane? I think that was based on my hotel.
– Remember the scene in The Shining where the little boy runs into the two twin girls who try to convince him to play with them forever? I think that was also based on my hotel.

Okay. I’m going to do a little work ( v2.3.6) then go see Predators. FUCK YEAH!!!