Now I’ve polished off version 1.3.0 Beta of Form Tools, I’m freed up to work on some freelance gigs. Here’s some of the highlights:

  • Boston Pizza. Actually, this one doesn’t start until October or November, but it’s great to have it lined up. I’ll be developing them an online registration system, much like I’ve done in the past for the Hartford Financial Group and British Petroleum (BP).
  • ProBono Law of BC. This is now reaching its final stages. I just have to add a fourth layer of access for lawyers / legal professionals to be able to view appropriate opportunities and request being assigned to them. Pretty simple – and the code is all ready for it. Nice to wrap this one up!
  • Salvation Army. This one is particularly interesting. The first part of the work is very much like the work I did for the PBLBC – a backend CMS. The second part is awful fun: they need a Google Maps-driven application to allow people to view local resources within their neighbourhood.
  • BC Athletics. Last year I wrote them a ColdFusion application to manage registrants for their Haney-to-Harrison relay race and a couple of other events. This year, it’s back! Mainly it’s just making minor improvements to the system. That plus integrating it with a new credit-card processing company by the name of PSIGATE (I believe…).