My goal was to reach 400 bird species sighting this year: as of Nov 15th, mission accomplished! During my travels I took a number of photographs of the birds listed here. Check out:

Fiji (12)

Fiji Parrotfinch
Collared Lory
Pacific Reef Heron
White-faced Heron3
Common Myna
Wandering Tattler
Red-vented Bulbul
Vanikoro Flycatcher
Collared Kingfisher
Wattled Honeyeater
Crested Tern
Fiji Woodswallow

New Zealand (61)

Song Thrush

North Island Robin
Red Crowned Parakeet
Brown Quail
New Zealand Pigeon
New Zealand Grey Fantail
Paradise Shelduck
Red-billed Gull
White-fronted tern
Welcome Swallow
Little Black Shag
Little Shag
Pied Shag
Spotted Shag
Variable Oystercatcher
Western Sandpiper
Feral Goose
Spur-winged plover
Black-backed Gull
Australasian Gannett
Banded Dotterel
South Island Pied Oystercatcher
Bar-tailed Godwit
Royal Spoonbill
Pied Stilt
California Quail
New Zealand Scaup
Red Knot
Black-billed Gull
House Sparrow
NZ kingfisher
Swamp Harrier
Indian Myna
Australian Magpie
Feral Chicken
Rock Pigeon
Black Swan
Canada Goose (!)
Australian Coot
Black Shag
Caspian Tern
New Zealand Dotterel
Red-necked Stint
Curlew Sandpiper

Australia (25)
Laughing Kookaburra
Australian Wood Duck
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo
Noisy Miner
Pacific Black Duck
Rainbow Lorikeet
White Ibis
Pied Currawong
Red-browed Finch
Superb Fairy-wren
New Holland honeyeater
Eastern Spinebill
Crimson Rosella
Eastern Yellow Robin
Grey Fantail (looks very different from the NZ Grey Fantail…)
Grey Teal
Chestnut Teal
Australian Pelican
Black-fronted Dotterel
Black-faced cuckoo shrike
Australasian Grebe
Superb Lyrebird

(at 98)

Vancouver again
Gold-crowned Sparrow [Mar 6th]
Stellar’s Jay [Mar 6th]
Black-capped Chickadee [Mar 6th]
Oregon Junco [Mar 6th]
Towhee [Mar 6th]
Red-winged Blackbird [Mar 6th]
American Goldfinch [Mar 7th]
House finch [Mar 7th]
Fox Sparrow [Mar 7th]
Crow [Mar 7th]
Great Blue Heron [Mar 7th]
White-crowned sparrow [Mar 7th]
Anna’s Hummingbird [Mar 7th]
Common Merganser [Mar 7th]
American Robin [Mar 8th]
Bald Eagle [Mar 8th]
Northern Flicka [Mar 8th]
Double-crested Cormorant [Mar 8th]
Bufflehead [Mar 13th]
Bushtit [Mar 16th]
Downy Woodpecker [Mar 16th]
Hooded Merganser [Mar 16th]
Bewick’s Wren [Mar 17th]
Barn Owl [Mar 17th]
American Wigeon [Mar 17th]

Song Sparrow [Mar 19th]
Lesser Scaup [Mar 19th]
Red-tailed hawk [Mar 19th]
Green-winged Teal [Mar 19th]
Eurasian Wigeon [Mar 19th]
Northern Pintail [Mar 19th]
American Bittern [Mar 19th]
Wood duck [Mar 19th]
Northern Shoveler [Mar 19th]
Snow Goose [Mar 19th]
Black-crowned night heron [Mar 19th]
Tree Swallow [Mar 19th]
Killdeer [Mar 19th]

Chestnut-backed Chickadee [Mar 23rd]
Pelagic cormorant [Mar 23rd]

Colony farm:
Yellow-rumped warbler [Mar 25th]
Goldeneye [Mar 25th]

(at 139)

Costa Rica

San Jose: (Mar 27, 11 species)
Great-tailed grackle
Rufous-collared sparrow
Hoffman’s Woodpecker
Muscovy Duck
Blue-grey tanager
Clay-colored Robin
Tropical Kingbird
Great Kiskadee
Crimson-fronted Parakeet
Common ground dove
White-winged Dove

Monteverdi: (Mar 28)
White-eared ground sparrow
Scarlet tanager
Steely-vented hummingbird
Chiriqui quail-dove
Blue crowned motmot
Black vulture
Grey-breasted wood wren
Black and white warbler
Turkey Vulture

Mar 29:
Brown Jay
Swallow tailed kite
Violet Sabrewing hummingbird
Purple-throated mountain-gem hummingbird
Coppery-headed Emerald hummingbird
Green Violet-ear Hummingbird
Three-wattled Bellbird
Resplendent Quetzal
Slate-throated redstart
Long-tailed Manakin
Black-breasted Wood-quail
Masked Tityra
Baltimore Oriole
Black-faced Solitaire (thrush)
Sooty Robin
Yellowish Flycatcher
Rufous-capped Warbler
Orange-billed Nightingale-thrush

Mar 30:
Sooty-faced finch
Black guan
Three-striped warbler
Emerald Toucanet
Orange-bellied Trogon
White-throated Robin
Chestnut-capped Brush-finch
Common Bush-tanager
Green-crowned hummingbird
Magenta-throated woodstar hummingbird

Mar 31:
Yellow-thighed finch
Collared Redstart
Tufted Flycatcher
Chestnut-sided warbler

April 1 (Arenal + en route):
Snowy Egret
Great Egret
Least Grebe
Northern Jacana
Yellow-faced grassquit
Green heron
Amazon Kingfisher (female)
Neotropic cormorant
Yellow-bellied Elaenia
Black-cheeked Woodpecker
Passerini’s Tanager
Black Phoebe
Common Tody-flycatcher

April 2:
Common Palm Tanager
Melodious Blackbird
Spotted Sandpiper
White-collared Seedeater
Red-legged honeycreeper
Black-cowled Oriole
Orange-chinned parakeet
Rufous-tailed hummingbird
Cattle Egret
Greyish Saltator
House Wren

April 3:
White-throated Magpie-Jay
Great Currasow
Red-lored Parrot
Montezuma Oropendola
Fasciated Tiger-heron
Variable Seedeater
Blue-and-white swallow

April 4:
Buff-throated Saltator
Yellow-throated Euphony
Ruddy Ground-Dove
Summer Tanager
Barred Anchorite
Great Antshrike

April 5:
Black-striped sparrow

April 6:
Western Slaty-Antshrike
Bay Wren

April 7:
Olive-crowned yellowthroat
Common Black Hawk
Short-billed pigeon
Golden-hooded tanager
Tropical Gnatcatcher
Eastern Kingbird
Long-tailed Tyrant
Bronzed Cowbird
Chestnut-sided Warbler
Green Woodpecker

April 8:
Keel-billed Toucan
Chestnut-headed Oropendola

(Costa Rica total: 106 – at 245)

April 11:
Brown-headed cowbird

April 13:
Rufous hummingbird

April 15 (Iona):
Ruby-crowned Kinglet
Savannah Sparrow
Brewer’s Blackbird
Bonaparte’s Gull
Greater Scaup
Pied-billed grebe
Marsh Wren
American Pippit
Wilson’s Snipe

April 19:
Mourning Dove

April 21:
Barn Swallow

April 22:
Orange-crowned warbler

April 24:
Wilson’s Warbler

April 28:
Sharp-shinned hawk

May 6:
Yellow-headed blackbird

May 18:
Black-headed grosbeak

May 30:
Western wood pewee

Jun 2nd
Western Tanager
Cedar Waxwing
Belted Kingfisher
Violet-green swallow

Jun 5
Glaucous-winged gull

June 20
Evening Grosbeak

Running total: 272

San Francisco

Jun 29:
Western Bluebird
Brown Pelican
Allen’s Hummingbird
Lesser Goldfinch
California Towhee
Hooded Oriole
Pygmy Nuthatch
Western Gull
Red-throated Loon
Red-shouldered Hawk
Clay-coloured sparrow
Hermit Thrush


July 2
Brown Creeper

July 15
Red-breasted sapsucker [Pitt-Addington Marsh]
Common yellowthroat [Pitt-Addington Marsh]
Red-breasted nuthatch
Pine Sisken

July 21
California gull [Iona]

July 26
Northern Harrier [Iona]

July 29 [Reifels bird sanctuary]
Lesser yellowlegs
Greater yellowlegs
Cackling goose
Long-billed dowitcher

Aug 4 [Colony Farm + Pitt-Addington Marsh]
Willow flycatcher
Cliff swallow
Hairy woodpecker

Aug 12 [Iona]
Purple Martin

Aug 19 [Shelley Lagoons, Prince George, BC]
Least sandpiper
Stilt sandpiper
Solitary sandpiper
Lincoln sparrow
Ruddy duck
Semi-palmated plover

Aug 20 [Mackenzie, BC]
Gray Jay
Magnolia warbler
Swainson’s Thrush

Alder flycatcher *
Warbling vireo *
Tennessee warbler *
Blackpoll warbler *
Hermit Thrush *
MacGillivray’s warbler *
* seen only at the Mugaha marsh banding station. Not included in year count.

Aug 21 [Prince George, BC]
White-throated sparrow

Aug 26 [Reifel's, Vancouver]
Warbling vireo
Sandhill crane

Total Vancouver running total: 87

Sept 1 [Salmon Arm, BC]
Pine sisken
Hudsonian godwit
Peregrine falcon
Red-necked phalarope
Wilson’s phalarope
Upland sandpiper
Bank swallow
Northern rough-winged swallow
Western grebe
Franklin’s gull
Eurasian collared dove
American white pelican
Pileated woodpecker

Sept 2 [Salmon Arm, BC]
Grey catbird
Clark’s grebe
Pectoral sandpiper
Ring-billed gull

Sept 15 [Reifel's]
Golden-crowned kinglet

Oct 7 [Iona]
Snow goose

New York
Oct 21
Blue Jay
Common grackle
Tufted titmouse
Red-bellied woodpecker
White-breasted nuthatch
Yellow-bellied sapsucker
Northern cardinal
Winter wren
Palm warbler
Field sparrow
Great black-backed gull

Oct 23
American black duck
Eastern phoebe

Oct 24
Herring gull
Northern mockingbird

Victoria, BC
Nov 3 (pelagic, to Port Angeles)
Heermann’s gull
Rhinoceros auklet
Mew gull
Pigeon Guillemot
Common murre
Ancient murrelet
Northern fulmar
Brandt’s cormorant
Surf scoter
Long-tailed duck
Common loon
Red-necked grebe
Horned grebe
Marbled murrelet

Nov 4
Lapland hotspur
Harlequin duck
White-fronted goose
Black turnstone
Trumpeter swan
Purple finch

Nov 11
Pacific golden plover
Spotted dove
Zebra dove

Nov 12
Nene goose
Red-footed booby
Red-crested cardinal
Japanese white-eye (kejiro)
Great frigatebird
Java sparrow
White-rumped shama
Hawaiian duck (koloa)
Black-necked stilt
Chestnut munia
Hawaiian coot
Hawaiian moorhen

Nov 13
Nutmeg mannikin
Western meadowlark
Ruddy turnstone
Wedge-tailed shearwater
Laysan albatross
White-tailed tropicbird
Red-tailed tropicbird

Nov 15
Erckels francolin

Nov 17
Melodious laughingthrush

Nov 18

Dev 16
Snowy Owl [Boundary Bay, BC]
Sage Thrasher [Boundary Bay, BC]
Saw-whet owl [Reifels]
Barred owl [Reifels]

Total: 406