The last month or two I’ve been revising, and today I’m very pleased to announce its successor:

Other than being rebranded at the new domain, I also added a number of nice new features:

  • In addition to searching bird sightings, you can now also search notable sightings. Notable sightings are those that are flagged as unusual in a particular region and date. For birders, this is often the most useful and interesting information to learn about.
  • The tool now also lets you search for popular birding locations, and has the option to limit those results to locations that have had recent sightings (1-30 days).
  • Multi-language support. Right now, only English, French, German and Spanish.

I still have a long laundry list of features I want to add (like mobile support…!) but thought I’d release it now that this milestone was reached.

The entire codebase is found on github, here. Feel free to fork the project and do whatever you’d like with the code.

Check it out! :)