At the behest of a client, I just updated my old Form Emailer script. I wrote the script donkey’s years ago, prior to developing Form Tools. In essence it offers a subset of Form Tools’ functionality: the ability to email the contents of a web form to a person or persons. Nothing special: just a standard PHP form emailer in the tradition of sendmail, etc.

Version 1.1 offers the rather significant improvement of being ability to define your own email templates. You create a text file containing the contents of your email, and then pass along its location in your form. When the form is submitted it will send the contents of that file. The really handy thing is that it allows you to define placeholders like %myfield%. When the form is submitted, those placeholders are converted to the corresponding form field value.

I also added an option to send a receipt email to the person submitting the form. This is powered by the same email template functionality.

Hope it helps!