Just a few things to report, in no particular order:

  • I spent today at the Vancouver PHP Conference. I saw a couple of good speeches: first, Rasmus Lerdorf – the inventor of PHP – presented the keynote speech. It covered rather a lot of ground, but he showed some rather interesting techniques in benchmarking and locating speed bottlenecks in PHP scripts. There was also a dry, but informative lecture by Andrei Zmievski on unicode support in PHP 6. Interesting, but I found myself wondering more about the current limitations in PHP 5.
  • I finally got round to installing WordPress on the Form Tools site to manage the news, so now I’ll be posting all Form Tools-related news there instead of here.
  • The translation project continues… I’m now able to manage projects, project managers, data and translator accounts. Next comes the ability for translators to view and actually translate the data. Should be a doddle (heavy sarcasm).
  • I’ve started work on a couple of new contract jobs for Salvation Army and BP (Beyond Petroleum). The Sally Ann gig in particular is pretty big. I’m shooting to getting it done by the end of the month.