A short update on the status of the Open Translate project.

Now that the Data Generator site is wrapped up, I’ve been easing my way back into Open Translate. I’d forgotten how cool it was! :-) Right now I’m working on the translator UI. The admin and project manager sections are mostly completed, but no doubt other stuff with crop up.

I pestered a couple of my co-workers for advice on some database aspects and to troubleshoot some business decisions and they were both bloody helpful. A rather nagging design aspect of the database kept slapping me in the face whenever I looked at it. It was a sod to code around and no matter how I sliced it, I didn’t find it intuitive. It’s now greatly improved. One of them, Andrew Jakubowski, will be assisting on version 2 of the software. Version 1 – which isn’t far off now – will really be just a proof of concept; I’ll only be using for translating Form Tools and Open Translate itself.

But, first comes a slew of freelance work: the Salvation Army project is plugging along (but I’ve made definite progress), there’s a site for an Art Gallery that’ll be starting soon and apparently I may be doing the Vancouver Pro Musica website. Should be interesting.