I swear the BC government is being run by monkeys.

They just sent every resident a $100 “Climate Action Dividend”. One may wonder what has this got to do with the environment? Good question: absolutely NOTHING. Accompanying the cheque is a short statement by Gordon Campbell saying it’ll make it easier for British Columbians to “choose a lower carbon lifestyle”, and a link to a very thin website outlining some suggestions on how to be green.

Personally, I’m going to take this $100 and fill up the gas tank of my hummer.

(I joke, of course: it would barely fill up a quarter of the tank).

Why on earth couldn’t they just characterize this as what it clearly is: an economic stimulus package? Are they afraid it would freak out the consumers, rushing from McDonalds to the mall? And why the need to falsely brand it in a green vein? I sure as hell hope this cash doesn’t come out of the total funds allocated for province-wide environmental pursuits. That would make me angry. And Gordon Campbell wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

But like everyone else, it’s kinda hard to complain when people hand you money for no reason. So I’ll just shutup and put it towards my student loans. But I will say this: if I ever see Mr. Campbell in the street, I’m gonna bitch-slap the man.