Black Sheep Web Software

Posted on Oct 22, 2007 in Flash Image Scroller, Form Tools, Freelance,, Open Translate | 3 comments

The first draft of my company site is finished, so check it out! It’s all Ajax-driven right now, without any non-JS fallback, but in time I’ll add the static HTML option.

Right now the site is nothing much more than a catalog of my main scripts, but in time I’ll expand it to include my other scripts – as well as a location for future releases. I’ve been working on a invoice generation script which I will be releasing there in the next couple of months.

Next, I’ll be re-branding my other scripts under the company name.

Visit the Black Sheep Web Software website.

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Flash Image Scroller 1.7

Posted on Oct 18, 2007 in Flash Image Scroller | 1 comment

Another update to the Flash Image Scroller, and this one’s fairly significant. I’ve finally added a infiniteLoop option, which proved to a be a major pain in the derriere. Oh well, done now. Also, I’ve added a startAt option to let you set the first thumbnail to be displayed to be other than the first thumbnail in the list.

Finally, I’ve added a series of mouseover effects, to spruce up how the scroller interacts with the user. Now, when a person rolls their mouse over the scroller you can add glow, shadow and zoom effects.

Hope it comes in handy!

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Flash Image Scroller 1.6

Posted on Sep 8, 2007 in Flash Image Scroller | 0 comments

Another update to the Flash Image Scroller: auto-scrolling and “smooth loading”.

Auto-scrolling has been requested since I first introduced the script, so it’s nice to finally get it written. To make it as customizable as possible, I’ve included a couple of configuration options so you can control the auto-scrolling speed and how long to wait before commencing with the auto-scrolling.

Plus, I’ve included 3 more settings for “smooth loading”. This was suggested by Neil in the feature suggestions area, and I liked the idea immediately. “Smooth loading” is simply a nicer way to initialize the image scroller. Instead of displaying the first page of thumbnails as they load, it fades them in, left to right. You can determine the fade in speed and the wait time between each thumbnails being faded in. Looks pretty nice! Check out the examples page.

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Flash Image Scroller Update (1.5)

Posted on Jul 26, 2007 in Flash Image Scroller | 0 comments

A new update to the Flash Image Scroller: the scroller now has the option of passing the thumbnail information to javascript when a user clicks an image, rather than just load a new page or target a particular iframe/frame. This is a nice addition to the script, putting more control in the hands of the developer. You could use this feature for any number of things – such as keeping a log of what thumbnails a user clicks, or loading a thumbnail into a particular page element, like a div tag.

The image scroller now includes code from the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit written by Christian Cantrell and Mike Chambers from Adobe. This allows for full integration between Flash and javascript – very handy stuff.

On a sidenote, Mike and Christian are now on the Adobe AIR team. I actually met Mike very briefly when he came to Vancouver earlier this month on the AIR Bus Tour. Nice chap – and small world!

A big thanks to Digital Nemexis for sponsoring this feature.

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Flash Image Scroller Update (1.4)

Posted on Jun 22, 2007 in Flash Image Scroller | 0 comments

A small update to the Flash Image Scroller: a new arrowColor option has been added to let you change the default colour of the arrows in the left and right nav links. This is fully backward compatible: the default colour will continue to be white, but now you can override it if you wish.

Also, the zipfile now includes an updated version of Geoff Stearns’ swfobject script (which handles the importing of the Flash into your webpages). This includes a few bug fixes and updates.

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