A new update to the Flash Image Scroller: the scroller now has the option of passing the thumbnail information to javascript when a user clicks an image, rather than just load a new page or target a particular iframe/frame. This is a nice addition to the script, putting more control in the hands of the developer. You could use this feature for any number of things – such as keeping a log of what thumbnails a user clicks, or loading a thumbnail into a particular page element, like a div tag.

The image scroller now includes code from the Flash / JavaScript Integration Kit written by Christian Cantrell and Mike Chambers from Adobe. This allows for full integration between Flash and javascript – very handy stuff.

On a sidenote, Mike and Christian are now on the Adobe AIR team. I actually met Mike very briefly when he came to Vancouver earlier this month on the AIR Bus Tour. Nice chap – and small world!

A big thanks to Digital Nemexis for sponsoring this feature.