Howdy, folks. Since the New Year I’ve been working on a large Ajax project for cardiologists and – as with all my projects – I was using my old workhorse script, the JS Validation library to manage all the client side validation. But having put so much effort into generating a clean, fluid UI, the alert() JS error popups stood out like a sore thumb. Time to upgrade the script! And, rebrand it as Really Simple Validation.

This new release is a significant improvement, placing a lot more control in the hands of the developer. Here’s what’s been added:

  • 3 (built-in) options on how to display the errors: one-by-one alerts (like the earlier version), an alert-all option (the new default) where a single popup appears containing all error messages, and lastly a very easy to implement display-html option which lets you bypass the awful alert() messages and insert the errors directly into your webpage to be styled as you see fit.
  • The option to pass all error message information to your own custom function to display the errors in whatever way you need.
  • Greater control over styling fields that contain errors

I’ve fully documented the script here, including a number of practical examples (plus source), to help you get operational in no time.