I just released a new version of generatedata. You can download the free standalone script from the github repo here. This new version fixes a few smaller issues that have been reported, but most significantly it includes a great new feature to back up your data set configurations. Now, any time you save a data set it automatically saves a new copy of the configuration. Loading it will always default to the latest copy, but in case you ever need it, you can just click in the History link for that data set in the main dialog (found by clicking the Data Sets icon) and you can browse the history.

Every now and then I’ve heard of people run into problems when saving a data set. And if you’re dealing with really large data sets, clicking “save” and finding you’ve lost all your data is a pretty darn serious bug. But not being able to reproduce it, I decided that this would be a nice interim fix – as well as provide some good additional functionality.

I won’t be updating the public website for a little while longer yet. I’d like this feature to be out in the wild for a few months to confirm everything works as expected.

Enjoy! :D